Want to Give Away a Product on LV?

Hello and welcome to Lucky Vaper, the original global vaping giveaway site. Giveaways are extremely effective as a brand management tool to add targeted value to your business. In recognition of this fact, we publish a giveaway every calendar day and one of those giveaways could be yours! It's 100% free; all you have to do is decide which product to give away - and we do everything for you. We build your giveaway page and publicize it through our daily newsletter and dedicated Facebook page so your business gets maximum exposure. We have stringent anti-fraud systems to protect the rights of each company and giveaway participant. With thousands of active members and continuous growth, Lucky Vaper is a great platform for vapers and companies alike.

How it Works

We have a few requirements to host giveaways on LV. Some are to do with the details of the product, some are operational. We have these requirements to make sure your giveaway runs smoothly, also to maintain credibility and growth.


  • Information about the product you want to give away.
  • Exact contents of giveaway prize. (2x Dekang 30ml Blueberry Pie Juice (3mg), 1x Eleaf 40W TC Box Mod (Blue), etc.)
  • Price of the product (or market value).
  • The date and time (exact 24 hour period) you want the giveaway to run.
  • Publicizing the giveaway on your company social media account(s) giving a link to LV.
  • If your company uses newsletters, sending a newsletter publicizing the giveaway with a link to LV.
  • Sending us a packing image like those in LV with a minimum size of 550x550 pixels (we can blur out the winner's sensitive information ourselves; a quality image is enough). For example, click here
  • We ask the prize to be sent with tracked shipping and we are given the tracking number.
  • We ask prizes to be sent no later than 4 business days after us informing you of the winner.


  • We can use a trackable URL if you provide us with one.
  • We can use multiple URLs.
  • We can use custom written product/giveaway titles, descriptions, images (max. 4 - all must be 550x550px) if you provide us with them.

Once the giveaway ends, we will send you the full name, address and phone number of the winner in one business day. It's a great system that benefits both companies and vapers so take advantage of this win-win and further expose your business to real and active vapers.

Thank you for being part of Lucky Vaper!